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Knowing How to Find the Client and Make Contact

15 June 2023

We all sell and we all buy, whether they are products, ideas or services for our personal or professional life, even if we are not in the commercial department we all sell projects, schedules, negotiations and ideas. Knowing how to sell is a quality.

There are techniques and tools that help us to sell, for some people selling is something more intuitive, for others less and they have to prepare it more but what is sure is that using these techniques we are going to be more effective at selling.

The world today has changed a lot, mainly since the Covid-19 health crisis in early 2020. New sales channels have appeared with more informed and more demanding customers.

Knowing how to find the client and make contact

It is always much easier to sell to a customer who has already bought from us than to a customer we have never worked with before. However, we may find that there comes a time when we want to open up the market and expand our customer base, there are five techniques that can help us along this path:

  1. The first is to identify our objective well. This is the starting point, we must be clear about who our client is. To make a robot portrait of the type of client that can be interested in our product and/or service, what expectations that possible client has, what their fears are, in summary to make an investigation to gather all this information that is going to be to useful to us and to make a list of all the data, names, contact person, activity, email…
  2. You have to make yourself known. How? Traditionally, advertising was the medium that was often used to make yourself known. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, there are many actions that a company can use to make itself known and which are less expensive than advertising, for example, through blogs in the company itself, corporate or professional social networks, LinkedIn. All of them can help us ‘sell’ ourselves and become a recognized expert in our sector if we correctly identify the target or type of client we want to address and choose the appropriate channels.
  3. Develop your networking. Attend and actively participate in virtual or face-to-face fairs, webinars, business clubs, etc. It is one thing to create networking that is relatively easy, through LinkedIn, for example, and another to enrich it, through visibility on social media, activity on our website, publication in our blog of interesting articles with the aim of maintaining the link.
  4. Lose the fear of making phone calls, cold calling, video calls…it is proven that these actions are much more effective than email or traditional mail (which is now almost completely disused). It is important to show the customer only information for their needs and / or interests that our product may have.
  5. Observe what happens with your competitors, what our colleagues in other markets do and even what our own clients do, this is called ‘anticipating trends’.
  6. Finally, be imaginative and creative. Use all the ideas that will allow us to improve our image and get closer to our clients: organize practical workshops, bet on a daring marketing strategy, practice brainstorming with our colleagues.