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Cefne has achieved a global reach with a wide variety of countries, companies and professionals

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Consulting and coaching sessions address specific challenges faced by each professional

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Cefne's team is formed by a group of international experts all, of them backed by an important academic link with the best universities worldwide

Consulting and coaching sessions address specific challenges faced by each professional.

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Win Win Negotiation, Leadership and Communication for companies seeking to improve the skills and capabilities of their personnel

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Eduard Beltran, General Manager of Cefne

Eduard Beltran has extensive experience as a university professor at SciencesPo in Paris, the Complutense University of Madrid and the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and has published several books, all related to the world of negotiation and leadership.

He puts into practice the knowledge he has accumulated over the years through literature and great historical references and negotiation experts.

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Books by Eduard Beltran

Eduard Beltran has written several books on negotiation and leadership based on his own experience as a trainer of more than 6,000 people and in three languages

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Discover a world of knowledge and possibilities on every page of my e-book. Become the architect of your own success with the powerful strategies you'll find here

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Conferences and webinars

We offer live on-site or remote conferences and webinars with an extensive thematic offering. Its broad thematic offering is sure to appeal to different organizations, allowing them to select the topics that best suit their specific needs and challenges.

Live conferences and webinars allow for real-time interaction with experts and facilitators, which encourages participation and the opportunity to ask questions.

Masterclass Live Online

The focus on customized solutions shows a commitment to adapting to the specific demands of each client and industry. The flexibility to offer both face-to-face and online training is valuable, as it allows companies to choose the option that best suits their circumstances and preferences.


The combination of consulting sessions and individual coaching is an effective strategy, as it allows addressing both the broader organizational needs and the specific particularities and challenges faced by each professional.

Consulting sessions can be especially useful for working with teams and addressing strategic issues in negotiation and leadership in the company context. Through these sessions, professionals can gain a broader view and acquire effective approaches to managing complex situations.


We have an e-Learning platform with courses that cover all the soft skills so necessary for today’s professionals. Our platform can be customized for each user or company and has personal tutors and coaches throughout the training process.


Boost your career
success with our
specialized courses

Since 2013 CEFNE has been training more than 15000 people from 400 companies and 50 countries in negotiation, leadership and communication. CEFNE is part of TALENT PREMIUM GROUP.




Cefne, represented by Eduard Beltran, is an active member of:

Academy of International Business
Michigan State University, USA

British Academy of Management
London, UK

European Academy of Management,
Brussels, Belgium

International Association for Conflict Management
Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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Negotiation I

  • Introduction to business negotiation and its importance for leaders.
  • Basic principles of negotiation: interests, positions, BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement).
  • Types of negotiation: collaborative, competitive and mixed.
  • Identification of key players in a business negotiation.

Negotiation II

  • Situation analysis: understanding needs, objectives and constraints.
  • Research and information gathering on the counterpart.
  • Establishment of clear goals and objectives for the negotiation.
  • Development of strategies and tactics based on own and other’s interests.


  • Analysis of the business strategy and how collaboration can contribute.
  • Identification of objectives and desired outcomes of the collaboration.
  • Development of an action plan for business collaboration.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation measures in collaborations.


  • Integration of strategic vision in leadership.
  • Data-driven decision making and analysis.
  • Evaluation of risks and benefits in business decision making.
  • Leadership in situations of uncertainty and change.

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