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How to Remote Manage

30 September 2023

How can managers support and help their employees?

– By establishing daily routines and contact. The objective is to establish periodic meetings in groups or individually but known by the team so that our collaborators, partners, suppliers, know that we continue to be present.

– Offering different options as communication channels. E-mail is no longer enough.Since we do not see each other, it is necessary to create personal links, through video calls for example. This gives more personality to the conversation, especially when dealing with more sensitive or difficult issues. Also, the use of chat can be very powerful, especially when it comes to internal conversations.

– It is advisable to establish “rules of engagement”. Working remotely is more effective when it is based on clear expectations about the frequency and manner of communication. For example, “we will use video to hold daily meetings at 9am but if there is something urgent, we will use the chat”.

It is also a positive approach to explain how and when we are going to be available for our partners, “better in the afternoon via chat or call me on this number. Ideally, these communication rules should be established during the first online meeting. 

– NEVER cancel a “One on One” meeting, this can cause negative feelings; we can change the date and propose another time, but never cancel it.

– Offer informal communication situations; recover the virtual coffee machine space.The easiest thing is to leave a few minutes at the beginning to exchange about non-formal topics; how about the weekend? what a change of temperature! Small talk transmits proximity.

Other techniques that are beginning to be developed that, although may seem a little superficial, they provide many benefits such as an After Work get together, meeting after work once a week and chatting with the team. Why not organize a Pizza Party or celebrate a colleague’s birthday virtually, maybe as a surprise…

– Offer encouragement and support; listen to difficulties and stress, sometimes simply by asking a very easy question: how is the remote work going?

– And finally, try to have at least one face-to-face meeting at least once a year.Teleworking is fantastic but it is important that we keep a closer contact with the team even if it is only from time to time and we meet in person.